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There are No Zombies!

There are no zombies out there. I really did not think there were really zombies. But I thought the world would really look different the first time that I went outside after 6 weeks being in the house. But so much was the same such as; building, gas station, roads and traffic. I know that we still are going to be confronted by a series of problems and issues. But if we remember that it is a fight against a virus not the individual differences in regards to the roles that we each embrace to take on the fight. I plan to wear a mask, socially distance and stay home as much as possible as my way of fighting the virus. This decision is my decision based on logic. The more people that I am around then the more likely I will catch the virus. But I plan to respect others decisions. As Americans our strength and weakness have always been our desire for independence and our need to control our separate destinies. It shows in the way people have taken on the different paths to fighting this virus.

How people are fighting the virus

Limiting social contact

Forming phone trees to check on others

Posting stories on social media

Sitting outside and yelling to neighbors

Making special protective devices so a child can hug a grandmother

Making mask for themselves and others

Making sneeze guards for companies or business

A car company that made face shields

Restaurants who are finically struggling giving food to others

People donating so others can have food

A Girl Scout who collected food for a food pantry

An essential worker going to work so others could have healthcare, food, mail, package deliver, police protection, fire protection, counselors, cleaning crews, assembly line workers in food manufacturing companies and so many more.

Governor and staff tirelessly come up with ways to fight the virus even if we do not agree with all their decisions. They are continuing to work hard for us.

I am sure that I have left out many ways that people are fighting this virus. Our strength is on working together to fight this virus. It has not been as bad as predicted since so many of us have fought it together. But the fight is a long way from being over. So keep up the fight! Reward yourself for doing a good job. Support your family and friends in their efforts to fight the virus. Remember that for many this fight will be a hard one from job loss to loss of business to loss of a loved one. Some people will collapse over the effect it will have on their live. So reach out however you can and give whatever you can. Even if it is just a friendly smile and wave. Together we will overcome this very difficult time in our lives.


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